CBS3000 Coil Binding System

Take your coil binding projects to the next level with the CBS3000. It’s an All-In-One Coil Binding System that’s specially designed for DIY enthusiasts and small offices. The CBS3000 is exclusively crafted for coil binding applications, making it the perfect tool for creating professional-quality documents such as textbooks, catalogs, directories, instruction manuals, business reports, and more. Maximize your productivity with the built-in electric coil inserter and crimper, expertly integrated into the Coil Binding System 3000.

  • Fully Disengageable Pins provide flexible hole-punching configurations.
  • Standard Paper Stop and Scale System allows for quick adjustments and precise positioning.
  • Transform your workflow with the ultimate convenience of hands-free operation with the included foot pedal.

Punch, insert, and crimp coil booklets from 6mm to 50MM without tools or separate machines!

Original price was: $2,000.00.Current price is: $1,649.00.

  • 11.7” (297 mm) open ended heavy duty die: Punch up to 20 sheets of 20-pound (80 gsm) bond paper. The number of sheets depends on the paper weight.
  • Crimp Capacity: The CBS300 will easily crimp coil diameters from 6mm-50mm.
  • Binding Capacity: Achieves effortless binding on books up to 2” or 440 sheets (20lb. Bond).
  • Hole Size & Pitch: The CBS3000’s Oval hole punch allows for easier coil inserting with 4:1 Coil Pitch & .2475” Hole Center Spacing.
  • Disengageable Die Pins: Easily engage or disengage all 47 pins to customize to your needs.
  • The Rhin-O-Tuff® Coil Binding System 3000 is the world’s first desktop coil binding system that combines electric punching, coil insertion and crimping into a compact, modern design. Intuitive controls provide a simple way for today’s professionals to turn loose pages into impressive looking documents in three easy steps. The Coil Binding System 3000 is compatible with nearly all brands of coil bindings. It punches, inserts and crimps coil booklets from 6mm to 50MM without tools or separate machines.

The punch throat is top-loading and easy to use. You can initiate the electric punch either by using the push button on the front of the machine or the foot pedal. The powerful electric punch can handle up to 20 sheets of 20-pound paper, giving you the flexibility to choose the margin depth that best suits your document’s size. The open throat design allows for accommodating all paper lengths, while the sturdy edge guide ensures consistent punching for every run. Additionally, the die pins are fully disengageable, giving you complete control over the punching configuration.

Coil Insertion

Coil insertion is often a tedious task, but with the Coil Binding System 3000, it becomes hassle-free. The electronic coil inserter can handle coils with a diameter of 6 to 250 millimeters. With a simple push of a dedicated button, the roller starts inserting the coil at an optimal speed – not too fast, not too slow – ensuring a secure grip on the coil.

Built in Crimping

In the past, coil crimping was typically done manually or with a separate machine. However, with this system, coil crimping is seamlessly integrated into the process. The machine features fine-tuning controls and a solid metal edge guide that allows you to set it and forget it. As a result, the crimping process is precise and consistent every time.