HD7000 14” Vertical Punch

The Rhin-O-Tuff HD7000 14″ Vertical Punch is known for producing some of the highest quality hole punches available on the market. This incredibly durable punch is designed to handle a wide range of mid-volume projects, including event programs, cookbooks, business reports, catalogs, and marketing materials while maintaining maximum quality. With unparalleled precision, the Rhin-O-Tuff HD7000 is engineered to exceed the demands of a high-quality printing environment.

  • Fully Interchangeable Dies allow for seamless transitions between binding types.
  • Premium Quick-Change Die System enables rapid, tool-free die pattern swaps.
  • Fully Disengageable Pins provide flexible hole-punching configurations.
  • Standard Paper Stop and Scale System allows for quick adjustments and precise positioning.
  • Compatible with APES (Auto Paper Ejector & Stacker) and can be mounted with PAL-14 & PAL-M (Pick-A-Lift).

Don’t forget to add premium binding modules for Coil, Wire, or Comb binding and productivity modules for ultimate throughput below!

Original price was: $4,000.00.Current price is: $3,604.00.

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  • 14” (356 mm) open ended extra capacity die: Punch up to 40 sheets or 80 pages of 11 inch, 20-pound (80 gsm) bond paper. The number of sheets depends on the paper weight and punch pattern used.
  • Paper-to-Pin Sight Alignment: Offers easy alignment for balanced hole-to-edge margins, even on odd-sized applications.
  • Quick Change Die System: Offers a hassle-free die change process, making it easy to adapt to various punching needs. Experience rapid punch pattern changes in just 30 seconds, with no tools required and no risk of losing bolts or screws.
  • Fast Cycle Times: Achieves 56 cycles per minute for productive operation.
  • Control Options: Can be operated using the standard foot pedal or optional Versa Switch or Palm Switch for flexibility.
  • When it comes to achieving pristine hole punch quality across various binding styles, the HD7000 stands as the unrivaled champion. Its precision-engineering ensures every punch is clean and consistent, setting a new standard for your binding projects.
  • Seamlessly shift between different document sizes and binding types, from standard office reports to larger presentation materials. The HD7000’s Quick Change Die System ensures effortless adaptability, saving you valuable time and effort.
Quiet and Powerful

One of the HD7000’s remarkable advantages is its quiet yet powerful performance. In contrast to the noisy and clunky machines offered by competitors, the Rhin-O-Tuff line sets a new standard for a quieter working environment. Many customers are pleasantly surprised by how hushed and efficient these machines are.

Quick Change Die System

The standout feature of the HD7000 is the Rhin-O-Tuff patented quick change die system, allowing users to switch punching patterns in under thirty seconds, without the need for screws or fasteners.

Flexible Paper Size

With its legal-sized punching throat, this machine accommodates 14-inch legal-sized sheets. Moreover, all dies come with fully disengageable punching pins and open throats, enabling document punching of up to 28 inches in length (for sheets longer than 14″, a two-step punching process is required).

Impressive Punching Capacity

The HD7000 excels in punching capabilities, handling an average of 40+ sheets per lift across common hole-patterns. It accommodates up to 55 sheets for 3-hole and Velobind patterns and a minimum of 30 sheets for spiral coil binding, setting industry standards. Only its heavier-duty counterpart, the HD7700, surpasses these capabilities.