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Heavy Duty Paper Punch Machines

Rhin-O-Tuff's ONYX electric paper hole punching machines are truly one of a kind. An interchangeable die system turns this single unit into a spiral punch machine, a wire punch machine, and a comb punch machine to accommodate just about any type of document binding job. Best of all, each stand-alone machine is highly configurable with Rhin-O-Tuff document binding modules, allowing you to custom-create a complete document creation station that perfectly fits your needs.

ONYX HD7700H Heavy Duty Electric Hole Punch for Comb, Wire, & Coil

ONYX HD7700H Heavy Duty Electric Hole Punch

Best Seller!This durable, table-top style, electric paper punch handles up to 110 sheets and features Rhin-O-Tuff's patented E-Z quick change die system for production of spiral bound, wire bound, or comb bound documents.

ONYX HD6500 Comb, Wire, & Spiral Plastic Coil Punching Machine

ONYX HD6500 Paper Punching Machine

Punching up to 40 sheets of paper at once and featuring a removable-bolt interchangeable die system for comb, wire and spiral punching, this paper punch is ideal for those who want the flexibility of an all-in-one, use the same hole punch pattern regularly.

ONYX OD4012 Comb, Wire, Coil, & Spiral Punch Machine

ONYX OD4012 Hole Punch Machine

Versatile, Yet Simple! With it's quick change die system for spiral, comb, and wire punching, easy pin pulls, and preset paper stop positions, this heavy duty paper punch is designed with the operator in mind.

ONYX HD7000 Comb, Wire, & Spiral Plastic Coil Punching Machine

ONYX HD7000 Paper Punching Machine

Switch out dies in 30 seconds for comb, wire, and spiral custom hole punch capabilities expertly engineered into one electric hole punch machine that can hold up to 80 sheets at a time.

ONYX HD7700 Ultima Punch For Wire, Comb & Spiral Binding

ONYX HD7700 Ultima Industrial Hole Punching Machine

Designed for high volume commercial and corporate document binding projects, this heavy duty electric paper punching system is robust, versatile, packed with features.

ONYX HD7500 Horizontal Wire, Comb & Spiral Coil Punch Machine

ONYX HD7500 Horizontal Paper Punch Machine

Ideal for calendar punch and bind jobs, this heavy duty comb, wire, spiral and coil punch machine features a built-in die storage, pull out extension table, easy pin pulls, and pre-set paper stop positions.

When you need first-class, affordable punch and binding machines for your business, Rhin-O-Tuff has the solution. Produce professionally bound documents onsite with our high-quality ONYX series punch and binding equipment such as the ONYX HD7700 Ultima Heavy Duty Electric Hole Punch, the ONYX HD7000 Comb, Wire, & Spiral Plastic Coil Punching Machine and the ONYX OD4012 Punch for Wire, Comb & Spiral Binding. Rhin-O-Tuff also designs and manufactures dies, switches, mounting module kits and other accessories for every binding machine we offer.

Rhin-O-Tuff products are made in the USA, backed by an amazing 3-year warranty, and supported with outstanding customer service. To learn more about our binding machines and punches as well as inserters, openers and add-on modules for paper ejecting and stacking, browse our website or contact us to find a dealer near you.