HD3000 Electric Coil Inserter

The Rhin-O-Tuff CI 3000 Spiral Coil Inserter redefines large format coil binding projects. Versatile and capable, the CI 3000 inserts coils of all pitches and diameters, catering to a wide array of binding projects.

At the heart of its efficiency is the unique Mandrel System, specially designed to handle larger coils (20mm and above) with unparalleled ease. This system significantly simplifies the insertion process, making it a breeze, particularly for oversized coils and lengthy documents, even up to 36 inches. The precise placement guides included in the CI 3000 eliminate the need for manual adjustments, streamlining the inserting process and enhancing overall productivity.

  • The CI3000 efficiently binds books with spiral coils ranging from 6mm to 30mm in diameter. Its optimal performance is evident when inserting coils larger than 20mm, providing notable time savings compared to standard-sized inserters.
  • Utilizing a unique mandrel system, the CI3000 guides coils onto your documents, particularly excelling with 36″ long coils. Traditional inserters find handling 36″ coils challenging, but the CI3000 reduces the threading frequency by two-thirds, enhancing speed and productivity. The machine includes all necessary mandrels for coil insertion between 6mm-30mm in diameter.
  • Equipped with special guides, the CI3000 facilitates precise placement of your book on the machine. These guides streamline the inserting process, ensuring efficient document positioning for increased speed.

The Rhin-O-Tuff CI 3000 is the perfect solution for large format coil binding projects and the ultimate companion to the HD7500H 24” Horizontal Electric Punch.

Original price was: $2,000.00.Current price is: $1,149.00.

  • Inserts all pitches and diameters: The CI 3000 is capable of handling a wide range of coil sizes and pitches, offering versatility for various binding projects.
  • Unique Mandrel System: This inserter utilizes a special mandrel system to guide coils onto your documents. It is particularly effective when handling larger coils (20mm and above), simplifying the insertion process significantly.
  • Precise Placement Guides: The CI 3000 includes special guides that aid in precisely placing your book on the machine. These guides streamline the inserting process, reducing the need for manual positioning.
  • Coil Guidance Chute: A chrome-colored chute on the right-hand side guides the coil onto the document and prevents tangling during insertion. This feature is especially useful for managing 36″ coils effectively.

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  • The Rhin-O-Tuff CI 3000 spiral coil inserter is a game-changer in the world of bookbinding, particularly for projects involving large coils or lengthy documents. Its unique mandrel system simplifies the insertion of oversized coils, dramatically reducing effort and boosting efficiency, especially with 36″ coils. Precision placement guides eliminate manual adjustments and accelerate the binding process. The machine’s chrome chute prevents coil tangling, while its durability ensures long-lasting performance. Whether you’re producing consistent, large-volume runs or handling challenging coil sizes, the CI 3000 stands as the go-to solution for professional-grade bookbinding.
Optimal for Large Coils: The CI 3000 excels when used with larger coils, particularly those exceeding 20mm in diameter. It simplifies the insertion process for these coils, enhancing efficiency.
Mandrel System Efficiency: The mandrel system of the CI 3000 is designed to handle 36″ coils with ease, reducing the threading process by two-thirds compared to standard inserters. This significantly increases productivity.
Precise Placement Guides: Special guides included with the CI 3000 facilitate accurate book placement, speeding up the insertion process.
Coil Guidance Chute: The chrome-colored chute on the right-hand side of the machine ensures smooth coil guidance onto the document and prevents tangling. Hanging 36″ coils off the side of the machine further enhances efficiency.
Ideal for Long Runs: The CI 3000 is best suited for organizations requiring long runs of similarly sized books. While it offers efficiency for such applications, switching between different coil sizes involves multiple steps.