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Bakersfield Case Study

The largest California elementary school district saw a fast R.O.I. after upgrading their collating autopunch equipment.

Automatic Collating & Offset Stacking Delivers Results

Executive Summary

Bakersfield City School District’s in-house printing operation is gearing up for the upcoming school year and has seen fast ROI since upgrading their 10+ year old punch system. After 3 months of daily use, the Tornado Autopunch EX® has proven to be worth the investment. Specific savings metrics include:

  • Reduced job turnaround time, saving an average of 50%
  • Elimination of manual workflow steps including: manual punching and inserting of front & back covers; manual collation of Index Tabs; manual book separation; need for slip-sheets.
  • Trained operators can walk away to focus on other tasks while the Tornado Autopunch EX® runs in the background.


Bakersfield City School District’s in-house printing operation was looking to improve their efficiencies and service levels for their teachers and administrative staff for their educational documents. The in-house printing operations provide a variety of services to its customers producing educational tools such as student journals, notebooks, study guides, banners and flashcards. Their punch and bind jobs are varied and frequent, averaging daily volume quantities between 150 – 200 books with larger volume jobs over 500+ books. Some of their Student applications include:

  • Student Notebooks: 50-Sheet Coil-bound lined paper notebooks with 1-sided coated front and back covers. 500 min run.
  • Student Journals: 50-Sheet Plastic Comb-bound Journal collated with 5-Bank index tabs & 1-Sided Coated front and back covers. 50 Book min run.
  • Subject Workbooks: Plastic Comb-bound Math Workbook with varying sheet count and quantity
  • Student Booklets: Half-letter (8.5” x 5.5”) booklets. 100 Book min run.

Prior to the Tornado Autopunch EX®, all jobs required slipsheets to separate book stacks during punching. All of the index tabs were hand-collated into each booklet, as well as front and back covers.

The Solution

Now, with the auto-collation and offset stacking features on the Tornado Autopunch EX®, Bakersfield City School District in-house print facility is realizing a 50% average time savings per job. Operators can walk away and begin binding or complete other tasks while the EX runs. Savings on materials, labor and time is proving the Tornado Autopunch EX is worth the investment.

The Results

“It’s amazing!” says Kim Camorlinga. “We are able to walk away.”

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